Staying in Aspen does seem like something for visitors from Hollywood, but this new hotel, though it is in Aspen, it isn't "Aspen exorbitant."

It must be a "rough" job, having to travel across the world to review hotels/lodging for a magazine. Seeing all the great sites, the great restaurants, the "cool" rooms. Esquire magazine sends their people out, to do just that, for us.

When you consider how much everything seems to be in Aspen, the idea of actually staying there for a couple of nights, and it not costing $2,000-$5,000 does sound appealing.

They even have a "special" rate for those of us who actually live in Colorado; this could be our next "staycation" spot.

Aspen Hotel Makes List of North America and Europe's Best

In April of 2024, Esquire released their yearly list of the best hotels across North America and Europe; Hawaii, Italy, eight hotels in California, even one in Kentucky. That's a lot of new hotels, It's nice that the Centennial State nabbed a "best" one.

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Aspen's MOLLIE Hotel Named One of the Best New Hotels

One of Colorado's newest hotels takes its name from Colorado of long ago, as there was a productive silver mine in Aspen known as the Mollie Gibson. There is a Mollie Gibson Park about a mile from the steps of MOLLIE.

The MOLLIE in Aspen:

  • 68 Rooms.
  • 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets.
  • 55-inch UHDTV
  • Cafe.
  • Restaurant/Bar.
  • Rooftop Spa/Bar/Lounge.
  • Michelin Guide Rated.

Esquire's team especially likes how the bar has been put together by the team behind a famous speakeasy in Manhattan, Dead & Co.

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How Much is it to Stay at MOLLIE, in Aspen?

If you book months head you can find rates at about $270/night, which isn't a lot, considering it is Aspen, right?

When you use the code COLO when you book online, you'll get the special "residents rate," but you'll have to back that up with a Colorado ID when you do check in, so, keep that in mind.

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