A beautiful sky.

A golden field.

A view for what seems miles on end.

In the foreground, a simply spraypainted message on 4-by-8 plywood changes the view and has invited so many views about what it means.

The photo has captured Longmont and the surrounding area for its commentary with few words.

The original Facebook post said: Stop Boulderizing Longmont.

“It’s the Californication of all Colorado.”

“It doesn’t matter what you want to see. It’s all about the money.”

Then the fear/threat of another Marshall Fire, the word “progress” thrown in, the calls for people to move to Nebraska if they don’t like it here, on and on.

A little discussion reminds everyone of the decades-long growth limits that have put intense pressure on housing and affordability in the city of Boulder.

And then, thankfully, an increasingly hot exchange ends in very Colorado style:

I can appreciate that. You make good points.

I guess it’s all in personal perspective.

I hope you stay happy and healthy as possible through all the changes sir


Thank you Sammari! Same to you and yours

Growth remains a hot topic in Colorado. Farmland loss has been ongoing, with 200 farms lost from 2022 to 2023.

The original poster doesn’t add any context for the Longmont-area sign. But there is a “signature” of sorts next to the sign: “Hillbilly Hippie.”

I doubt the handle has anything to do with one of our favorite country artists, but we’ll dance it out as the comments on this Facebook post ensue.

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