If you're going from Colorado to Cheyenne Frontier Days for any of the annual events, you should put this place on your agenda. Start out your trip with a great meal, or stop in after seeing a rodeo.

Wyoming is known as "The Cowboy State," and this place fits right into that theme, especially when you include it in your visit to "The Daddy of 'Em All," Cheyenne Frontier Days.

The place has a history that dates back to the "Old West," where there was gambling, outlaws, a saloon, and (you'd have to expect) good old fashioned cowboy fun. Though today, you won't see the gambling and outlaws, fun still resides.

A Steakhouse Outside of Cheyenne That You Have to Visit

On the west side of I-25, about eight miles north of the Cheyenne Frontier Days campus, you're going to find a little restaurant at the base of a big cell phone tower. If you're driving too fast, you just might miss it.

The Little Bear Inn is a Must Visit

A friend and I were on our way back to Colorado after a trip to Montana, and as we approaching Cheyenne, I noticed a little "white spot out on the highway." I wondered what the place was, and tracked it down: The Little Bear Inn.

Little Bear Dates Back to the 1870's

The original building (which is to the west of the current building) was built as a stage stop along the trail from Cheyenne to Deadwood.

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After the train came to the area and the stage runs ended, Little Bear Inn became a saloon, restaurant and gambling hall, like you've seen in westerns like "Tombstone."  They even had an trap door in the floor for outlaws to escape from "the law."

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Today, the new building has been in operation since 1958, with a great steakhouse (Cheyenne's original steakhouse,) and great little separate bar (with a big stuffed bear,) and banquet facilities.

One Yelp review example from 2023:

A staple if you visit Cheyenne. Looks tiny from the outside but isn't. Has a separate brand bar worth seeing and a giant stuffed bear. Old school supper club feel. I've always been when there is live music but it's not too loud, and always good. Steaks are the best choice- it's Wyoming- but fish has been good too.


Little Bear Inn location north of Cheyenne
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