Out here in Colorado, we’ve got ourselves a great selection of burger places. 

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In fact, one of them is Crown Burgers in Denver, which was ranked as the best independent fast food place in the entire state by lovefood.com. 

On the other hand, we recently got ourselves an In-N-Out in Loveland, something people wanted to jump on as soon as possible

However, the users on Yelp seem to have a differing opinion about the best burger joint in Colorado. 

Yelp Users Rate Uptown & Humboldt as the Best Burger Joint in Colorado

Yelp // Bridget M.
Yelp // Bridget M.

The users over at Yelp cannot stop singing the praises of the Denver based restaurant, Uptown & Humboldt, located in the Zeppelin Station food court on 3501 Wazee St #100 in Denver, Colorado. 

They have a diverse menu that consists of more than burgers, such as Mediterranean style Gyros along with simple Mini Hoagies. 

However, it’s the amazing selection of unique burgers that keeps people coming back for more. 

Their classic is the americano, which has cheddar, micro greens, pickled onion, tomato, and fry sauce, all served up on a brioche bun. 

They’ve also got the Berlin Burger, which is piled high with mozzarella, sauteed cabbage, tomato, micro greens, pickled onion, ground seed mustard, fry sauce, and a serving of kettle chips. It’s also served on a pretzel bun. 

The FMB Burger is also a great choice, with blue cheese, sauteed mushrooms, pickled onion, micro greens, and fig jam served on a brioche bun. 

Finally, another option called the Not Your Average Veggie Burger, which has Eat Meati Chickn, coleslaw, pickled fresno, spicy mayo, sesame onion ponzu, and avocado served on a pretzel bun. 

If it’s not entirely obvious, these are by no means standard burgers. Uptown & Humboldt has gained its status as an elite burger joint because they push the boundaries of burgercraft. 

I forgot to mention, they also have themselves a food truck. You can check its schedule on their website. 

The Reviews Are In: The People Love Uptown & Humboldt

Yelp // Joe Y.
Yelp // Joe Y.

People can’t get enough of this place. Yelp users have heralded as an amazing hidden gem within Denver’s busy food scene, giving it a rating of 4.7 stars out of 5. 

Joe Y. certainly loves the place, stating in a 5 star review that:

“…the FMB burger was damn good especially if you like blue chess.”

Marilyn N. was also a supporter of the FMB Burger, noting that:

“The burger was delicious! It was well blanched between savory and sweet with the jam.”

Finally Hailey M. could not be happier with the Americano. 

“Do yourself a favor and get the americano, no fry sauce, add fig jam. You’ll thank me later. Literally the best burger I’ve had in a while.”

It’s obvious the people love Uptown and Humboldt, but what do you think? Do you want to check out this place yourself, or do you have a go to burger spot yourself?

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