The Denver Nuggets won their very first NBA Championship on Monday night, how do you think they celebrated? Michael Porter Jr. and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope celebrated the win by returning to work... At Raising Canes.

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Denver Nuggets Stars Work At Raising Canes

Watching the Denver Nuggets win their very first NBA Championship was one of those memories that I'll never forget. I vividly remember the Broncos winning their first Superbowl too. Some things just stay with you forever. The team was beyond pumped and apparently couldn't wait to celebrate with them because two fan favorites showed up ready to work on Wednesday morning for a profession extremely different than their typical day job of playing basketball. Fast food.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Michael Porter Jr. were serving up what I feel are the very best chicken fingers around. The two newly crowned NBA Champions posted up at the Raising Canes Central Park Location. The two were massive hits, as you can imagine, and the line to get through to be served up by two of the NBA's very best was pretty crazy, as seen in the video below.

On the Raising Canse experience, Michael Porter Jr. told 9News:

This was such a fun experience, working with the crew and serving our fans at Raising Cane’s. I used to work at a snow cone stand back in the day with my brothers and sisters, so I felt like I was able to pick up taking orders pretty quickly.

KCP told also commented on the fun...

Working the drive-thru was my favorite part. It’s crazy to see how many fans showed up! We were working to serve their chicken fingers as fast as possible - it’s hard work! Respect for the crew.

I'd imagine between the fast food craziness on Wednesday and the biggest parade that either player has ever been a part of yesterday, they were sure to catch s nap afterward. They might still be sleeping... What a time to be a sports fan in Colorado! We may never have another run like this ever again so let's enjoy it. Speaking of the parade...

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Crazy that this parade was less than a year ago. How cool!

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