With so many big towns in Colorado, you may not have even heard of one of Colorado's most famous towns, which just happens to be the tiniest town in the state. It's truly a must-see.

What Is Colorado's Tiniest Town?

Big Rob TSM
Big Rob TSM

My son was cruising through kids' videos and came across a video of kids walking through a town full of tiny houses that they towered over like giants. When you're three or four feet tall, the thought of towering over anything is pretty cool.

He asked me if we could go to a place like that, and freaked when I told him that the town they filmed that video at was located in Colorado... Have you ever been?

Colorado's Tiny Town Is World Famous And A Can't Miss

Located in the hills of beautiful Morrison, Colorado, lives the state's tiniest town, appropriately called, "Tiny Town." Opened in the early 1900s, Tiny Town is one of Colorado's most unique tourist attractions with over 20,000 visitors each season. Ever been? You've got to see this in person...

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