Mental health in Colorado has been spiraling over the past few years. 

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Colorado ranks at the bottom of the country when it comes to adult mental health, coming in at 45th. The state is also 10th for adults with suicidal thoughts.

It doesn’t help that Colorado ranks as the 10th worst state for mental health care in the country.

When it comes to teens, other factors such as social media can play a big role in negatively affecting their mental health.

However, a recent study has suggested that Colorado’s teens’ mental health not only is getting better, but noticeably so.

Colorado Teens’ Mental Health Sees Amazing Upswing


According to Axios Denver, Colorado’s teenagers have seen an incredible bounceback in their mental health.

At its recent peak in 2022, the Healthy Kids Colorado Survey found that 40% of teenagers had felt feelings of depression and hopelessness within the past two years.

It was noted that the pandemic had played a role in these feelings.

However, this year's survey has shown incredible progress, with that number going all the way down to 26%.

Axios notes that it’s the lowest it has been since 2013, which was at 24%.

The percentage of teenagers who have had considered acting on suicidal thoughts has dropped to 11% as well.

How to Get Mental Health Care in Colorado


If you need to get mental health care in Colorado, there are a few different places you can look.

In Northern Colorado and the Denver area, UCHealth has great options for mental health care along with addiction recovery programs.

You can also find assistance, resources, and services throughout the state through the Colorado Behavioral Health Administration’s website.

Finally, if you are having a mental health crisis, you can get instant counseling and support from Colorado Crisis Services by dialing 1-844-493-TALK (8255) or by calling 988.

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