With so many crazy stories, it's refreshing to hear a great heartwarming story like this one. Local 14-year-old DJ has not only found a kidney donor, he's been named the 2024 Pot of Gold fundraiser recipient by the Colorado Eagles to help pay for the procedure.

Colorado Eagles Announce 2024 Pot Of Gold Recipient

The Colorado Eagles are gearing up for their annual “Pot of Gold” fundraiser this Saturday, March 16th against the Calgary Wranglers at Blue Arena. This year's recipient is well known not just by Eagles Country, but Colorado as a whole.

14-year-old Cooper Logan of Timnath, whom you may know as the Eagles pregame DJ, “DJ Lil Coop,” recently got the news of a lifetime, as the kidney transplant he was in much need of, is happening on April 5th after a miracle donor stepped in earlier this year. Now, with your help, the Colorado Eagles are helping the Logan family through this major life event.

How Can You Help Raise Money For Pot Of Gold Night?

Fans attending this Saturday Night's Pot of Gold Game will have the opportunity to bid on specially designed St. Patrick’s Day jerseys worn by the Eagles players during the game.

The DASH Auction App silent auction for the special jerseys is happening this week through Saturday, March 16th. All money raised from the auction will go directly to the Logan family and the Kawasaki Kids Foundation.

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In addition to the player's jerseys, a limited number of replica Pot of Gold jerseys will be sold on Saturday to help support the cause as well. Pot of Gold hats and t-shirts will go on sale on March 13th, so fans can gear up for one of the most fun nights of the year!

Other Ways To Donate During the Pot Of Gold Game

Both the Larimer & Weld County Sheriffs’ offices will be on hand with green buckets to take cash donations. You can also donate directly at the Colorado Eagles Official Team Store at Blue Arena located behind section J, or through various QR codes located throughout the building which can be scanned to donate.

Having known Coop and his amazing family for many years, this night hits differently. To know Cooper is to love him. The positive outlook on life that this young man keeps front and center through all of his health ups and downs is admirable in so many ways.

This opportunity for a new lease on life for Coop is as special as it gets, and I'm so happy to join Eagles Country as we raise as much money as we can to help get as much of his upcoming procedure covered as possible.

Tickets for this Saturday's game will be sold out so if you're looking to go, get your tickets quickly and be ready for one of the most memorable nights in Colorado Eagles history. Read Cooper's entire story and we'll see you this Saturday night, Go Eagles!

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