Where do retirees want to settle?

GOBankingRates conducted a study to analyze the fastest-growing retirement hot spots. While Florida dominated the list with 12 areas ranking in the top 50, plenty of other places attract retirees.

The analysis focused on one-year and five-year growth rates for those older than 65, highlighting the rapid increase in retirement-aged residents and the 2022 percentage of the population 65 and older, indicating a retirement-friendly environment.

So, yes, Florida. Four of the top 10 retirement growth areas are in the Sunshine State: Clermont, North Port, Fort Meyer and Vero Beach South.

And the top place in the country? Equally as sunny, if not dryer: Goodyear, Arizona.

The population of those 65 and older grew by 61% over five years. In 2022, retirement-aged residents made up 18% of Goodyear’s population.

Two Surprising Colorado Cities Among Retirement Hot Spots

Two Colorado cities made the fastest-growing retirement spots across the country. And one made it into the top 10.

Longmont, Colorado, came in No. 9 as a retirement hotspot.

The 65-and-over population grew by 40% over five years. In 2022, that population comprised 17% of the north Front Range city.

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Why Longmont is a Top Retirement Community

longmont is a retirement hotspot
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At first glance, Longmont seems an odd choice because it doesn’t get much attention as a destination, even among Coloradans.

But considering its location, it might not be so surprising after all.

Colorado’s north Front Range has a relatively mild climate with four seasons, making it attractive to retirees who want to avoid extreme weather conditions.

Longmont is ideally situated to enjoy both city and outdoor activities. Heading to Denver or Boulder is still relatively easy from Longmont. The city is also ideally located for accessing Boulder County parks, national forests, and Rocky Mountain National Park. The city’s trails and parks put nature at Longmonters’ front door.

While the cost of living in Colorado has made it among the most expensive states to live in, compared to Boulder and other nearby cities, Longmont has relatively affordable housing options.

Grand Junction in Top 50 Retirement Hot Spots

grand junction, colorado, a retirement hot spot
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Coming at No. 28 is the Western Slope city Grand Junction.

Grand Junction’s retiree population grew to 20% of the community in 2022, with a five-year growth rate of 30% for those 65 and older.

Like Longmont, Grand Junction attracts retirees seeking a relatively affordable Colorado city. Its low humidity, four seasons and reasonably mild climate also attract those older than 65.

Outdoor recreation abounds, with the Colorado National Monument, Grand Mesa and the Book Cliffs nearby. There is also ample hiking, biking, fishing and golfing for those seeking an active lifestyle.

The low crime rate and friendliness create a great sense of community. Plus, this is Colorado’s wine country.

Those of us who love our state could vouch for just about any town or city being a great place to call home in retirement.

But heed this thought: GOBankingRates says this is what you need to retire comfortably in Colorado:

$70,667 annual cost of a comfortable retirement.

Savings needed at 60: $1,413,334.

Retirement savings needed at 70: $706,667.

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