Colorado’s got plenty of attractions that are perfect for adrenaline junkies. 

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Of course, you could take the plunge down some seriously steep ski runs, but there’s plenty of options that can fit everyone’s needs. 

You can go to Colorado’s largest amusement park, Elitch Gardens, or you can head out into the mountains to experience the highest amusement park in the country, Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park. 

There, you can find a roller coaster that sits at a higher elevation than any other in the country; Defiance. Even though it's short, it’s seriously not for the faint of heart. 

However, Colorado has another attraction that is the highest in the country, and it is truly terrifying. 

Cloudscraper Zip Line at Royal Gorge Bridge & Park is the Tallest Zipline in the US

YouTube // CoasterForce
YouTube // CoasterForce

The Cloudscraper zipline is truly a mammoth attraction, and you’re not going to find anything like it in the rest of the country. 

Not only is it a fun ride, but when you look down, you’re going to be staring at the Arkansas River a full 1,200 feet below. This makes it the tallest zipline in the country.

Cloudscraper also allows you to sit upright in your harness, which makes it a rare hands-free zipline. It also has an advanced braking system that is not typically seen on a zipline. 

What Other Attractions are At Royal Gorge Bridge & Park?

YouTube // Dave Park
YouTube // Dave Park

Of course, there’s plenty of other attractions to go on when you go to Royal Gorge Bridge & Park. There’s obviously the bridge, which is a classic, but there’s so much more. 

For one, you can take a ride on the Royal Rush Skycoaster, which will swing you over the 1,200 ft gorge at speeds of up to 50 mph. While Cloudscraper is a scary ride because of its great height, Royal Rush is certainly the most extreme at the park. 

If you want to get an unbelievable view without having to fly through the gorge at high speeds, you can take the Aerial Gondola to get unbelievable views of the beautiful Colorado scenery.

So, would you take a ride on Cloudscraper, or would it be too much for you?

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