One of Colorado's largest city's 4th of July celebrations is doing away with the traditional fireworks show this year. Is this new trend here to stay?

No More 4th of July Fireworks As Major Colorado City Continues A New Show

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Thinking back to being a kid, I can relate many of my fondest 4th of July memories to watching fireworks. I grew up in Colorado so we'd watch fireworks all over the state. I remember seeing them at Thornton Town Center, Webster Lake in Northglenn, Thornton Town Center, the Greeley Stampede, and so many others around the state.

While the bright colors and big booms of these spectacular fireworks are fun to watch, they can be dangerous in the wrong conditions, and pretty costly. A few local Colorado cities have decided to make a change to their yearly 4th of July tradition over the last couple of years, and now Colorado's Capitol City is doing the same.

City Denver To Have Drone Show Instead Of Fireworks For 4th Of July Celebration

To the dismay of many, fireworks filling the Colorado skies over Downtown Denver for their annual 4th of July Celebration appear to be, at least for now, a thing of the past. The replacement? Drones... But in the video above, they look pretty rad!

Last year, the city of Lakewood replaced its 4th of July fireworks with drones and it seemed to go off without a hitch, so much so that they're doing the same thing again this year, and Denver is following their lead.

Why Drones Instead Of Fireworks shows?

While we love the fireworks, the technology with these drones has gotten so advanced that they're almost more fun to watch. No wind or weather delays, and they're also quiet (great for pets or those with PTSD) and much safer when it comes to the risk of fires.

The "Indy Eve" event in Denver will take place at Civic Center Park from 5 pm-10 pm on July 3rd and will feature "music from emerging young DJs, a live performance from the Colorado Symphony Brass & Percussion Ensemble, and two different light shows on Civic Center Park’s iconic structures!"

There will still be many fireworks shows in the area including above Coors Field on July 4th and 5th.

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