Colorado festival season is around the corner. So, if you aren’t camping, hiking, biking, boating or paddleboarding, you’ll want to take in the sun with music, food and fun at one of Colorado’s quintessential fairs and festivals.

Music festivals from plains to mountains feature plenty of country music and a variety of Colorado musicians.

Telluride, Colorado, itself is synonymous with music. Whether it’s your jam or not, the town’s festivals — from jazz to blues to bluegrass and Americana — have gained national acclaim.

Telluride Film Festival
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Colorado’s arts scene comes to life in the nationally award-winning Cherry Creeks Arts Festival every July. The juried show presents the best of the best in a highly accessible way.

And, as summer winds down, harvest festivals aplenty fill the streets of small towns and cities across the state. Two notable events cap summer in Northern Colorado: Loveland’s Corn Roast and Windsor’s Harvest Festival.

We love them all, but here are a dozen of the best summer festivals in Colorado that you won’t want to miss this year.

12 Best Colorado Festivals for Summer 2024

Where will you find the best summer festivals in Colorado? Literally everywhere.

From small block-sized gatherings to attendance of tens of thousands, Coloradans know how to gather in city parks, fairgrounds and hillsides, whether for a little music or educational outdoor escapades.

Counting down the best of the best is a challenge, but we've come up with 12 you gotta go to at least once.

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