"You know you're from Colorado when ..." begins the ever-popular list of memes you always see circling around the internet. And one of the conclusions of that wide-open statement is always inevitable: "When you plan your kids' Halloween costumes around a winter coat so they can trick or treat in the snow."

But is that really accurate? And more importantly ...

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Will it snow in Colorado on Halloween this year?

Probably not. The NoCo forecast for Oct. 31 calls for lots of sunshine and highs in the upper 50s that day. While it will dip down into the 30s at night, there's no significant precipitation forecasted for that day or night. No clouds, no moisture, and above average temps mean no snow on Halloween, unless something drastic changes between now and then.

Unsplash, Jon Sailer
Unsplash, Jon Sailer

The History of Halloween Snow in Colorado

They started keeping records of which days of the year it snows about 140 years ago, or so. And would you believe me if I told you it's actually only snowed 16 times on Halloween in those 140 years? I seem to remember as a kid that it always snowed on Halloween. But I guess that's what they call the "Mandela Effect."

As a reminder, The Mandela Effect is when a large mass of people believe that an event occurred when it did not. It's like believing something is fact because you've heard it so many times when in reality it didn't happen. That's basically Halloween snow in Colorado. It doesn't happen as often as you think.

Colorado Towns Receiving the Most Annual Snow Fall

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When Colorado Cities Can Expect First Snow Fall of 2023

When can we expect the first snowfall in Colorado for the 2023-2024 season? According to the National Weather Service, the mean date for the first measurable snow in the state of Colorado is October 18th. Oddly, the actual first snows in the state rarely fall on that date.

Here's a look at a number of records for the earliest measurable snowfalls around Colorado. Information comes courtesy of the National Weather Service, Extreme Weather Watch, and 9News.

Gallery Credit: Waylon Jordan

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