Speculation is running rampant about just when the crown jewel of Colorado restaurants will re-open, and while no date has been announced just yet, many are suspecting that it is very soon approaching. They had previously announced it would re-open in May and there's not much of May left.

So there's a lot of rumblings the re-opening is imminent.

Exhibit A - Casa Bonita owners and South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker have been spotted at Ball Arena for some Nuggets games lately. While both have ties and share ownership of a Colorado home, they do not currently live here full time. They both reside in the Los Angeles area. So is it possible they've been in town a lot in preparation for the grand re-opening of Casa Bonita? Maybe!

But there's a much more plausible theory floating around the internet, started by fans of the show that's made Stone and Parker the money they've subsequently sunk into resurrecting the restaurant. In addition to the $3.1 million purchase price, they have allegedly spent an additional $12 million on renovations and revamping the place, so you know the grand re-opening needs to be special.

So what's the date people think Casa Bonita will re-open?

As the theory goes... in Season 7, Episode 11 of South Park, Kyle's parents decide to take him to - wait for it - Casa Bonita for his birthday. He's allowed to bring three friends, and after he chooses Butters to come along over Cartman, Butters conveniently goes missing and Cartman is allowed to tag along in his place. The plot certainly thickened.

The entire episode is basically dedicated to an homage of the restaurant and all it's known for - from the cliff divers to the sopapillas.

And what date is Kyle's birthday? MAY 26. That happens to be this Friday.

While they've never actually said what Kyle's birthday is officially, In a season 14 episode of South Park, while Kyle is seen looking at his Facebook page, it shows his birthday in the upper left corner of the computer screen.

Could Casa Bonita open on Kyle's birthday for a celebration? We will see!

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