It would be hard to find a person in Colorado that doesn't love dogs, or a least like dogs a little. It looks like Rick Springfield has a soft-spot for "man's best friend" as well, as he'll be a part of a very special fundraising event.

Having Rick Springfield play this event is a great idea, as many Coloradans love his hits from the 80's, and people love dogs, so this should be "sell out" for sure.

I picture a lot of people with tears in their eyes as they enjoy a great night, knowing they're helping dogs who could really use some help.

Rick Springfield Colorado Concert Benefitting Senior Dogs

According to CBS4 Denver, Rick Springfield will be coming to Denver in August of 2024 to be a part of a fundraising event for Pepper's Senior Dog Sanctuary; the event is dubbed, "Raise the Ruff."

Pepper's Helps Those Senior Dogs Who Are On Their Way to the Rainbow Bridge

Pepper's Senior Dog Sanctuary, takes in dogs from shelters that are "unadoptable," for one reason or another, and they take care of those dogs, lovingly, until they pass. How sweet is that? It can't be an overall easy job, they must have very big hearts.

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This "Raise the Ruff" concert with Rick Springfield hopes to take in $500,000 between concert tickets and other donations that night.

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The benefit, on August 29, 2024 at Mission Ballroom, will include a cocktail hour, photos with senior dogs, live and silent auctions, seated dinner, and an inspiring program. Get your tickets for the benefit, here.

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