Traveling in Colorado is about to take on a new phrase, when it comes to flights out of DIA. Cover your grandmother's ears, it's called "raw-dogging."

Any fans of the hit Apple + series, "Shrinking," are familiar with how Harrison Ford's character used the term "raw-dog" very incorrectly; now, we're going to find people throwing the term around left and right, without a wink.

I'm sure that other terms regarding sex have been turned into something else, I just can't think of any, at the moment. What is this world coming to?

I'm not ready to be at Denver International Airport waiting to get on a flight and overhear some pre-teen, or younger person, communicating loudly that they'll be "raw-dogging" to Phoenix.

What Does 'Raw-Dogging' Mean, Outside of Air Travel

Cover your grandmother's ears, the term "Raw-Dogging" has long been used to reference having sex without using a condom.

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What is 'Raw-Dogging' When It Comes to Air Travel?

According to People, the trend has begun where people who are on a flight and chose not to be entertained in any fashion (no earbuds, books, magazines, etc.) during the entire flight, they call that "raw-dogging."

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Call me a prude, call me an "old man," call me "out of touch," but I am not going to go around saying I "raw-dogged" my way to Las Vegas.

Why would I want to go without any form of entertainment, anyway; that's just silly.


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