Loveland is not a big city, but then it isn't a terribly small town, either. That's what makes is hard to believe that it looks like there will now only be one Pizza Hut in town.

There is a lot of competition to get the pizza lovers of Loveland to patronize the roughly 20 places that serve up a good pizza pie. From big pizza chains to "Mom and Pop" restaurants that serve pizza, it's hard to slice up that particular pie into so many slices. Maybe that's why Loveland will now only have one Pizza Hut.

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When it comes to the "big" pizza chains, which ones do you turn to? Now, most of the pizza places (in most cities) are delivery joints, but there are still a few places to go and sit down for a pie. When I was a kid growing up in Loveland, we'd have a great time hanging out and dining at Godfather's.


I was talking with friends about the Pizza Huts that used to be in Loveland; the one that really came to mind was the one that was just off Lake Loveland at Eisenhower and Colorado; that one closed decades ago. I don't think there was ever a location in Downtown. Could it be that there were only three in Loveland, at one time?

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It would appear that the Pizza Hut on West Eisenhower, near Wilson, is the one that won't be in operation any longer.

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While I was out in Downtown Loveland on May 10, 2023, the Assistant General Manager of the location was taking her crew out for an "Everything's Going to Be OK" party to commemorate the store's closing; she informed me that the location had closed down the week earlier.

If anything, this will affect pizza deliveries for that west side of town; but, like I said, there are a lot of place in Loveland for pizza - especially delivery. The Pizza Hut in Orchards Shopping Center, where there was once that Godfather's, remains open.

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