Spoiler alert: I am not a Colorado native. Though I moved to Colorado and grew up here from right before my 7th birthday, I was actually born in Cleveland. So while I consider myself a "Coloradan" I am technically not, of course not being a "native" of the state.

With all the talk the last several years about so many people moving here from places like California and Texas, among other states and even other countries, it made me wonder how many people here are actually FROM here, and how many are from somewhere else?

You'll be surprised to know that even though "Colorado" is the number one state on the list of places people who live here are actually from (that's a complicated sentence, I know)... the total represents less than 50% of the entire state population.

And #2 on the list? Spoiler alert: not from the United States at all. So - where are you from? And where is everyone else from? Here's how all the states stack up.

Number of People Born in Each State That Now Live in Colorado

According to the most recent data from the US Census, these are the places Colorado residents actually came from originally.

Gallery Credit: Chris Kelly

Top Ten States for the Most Scenic Walks in the U.S.

From Gambling.com, these are the best states for long, scenic walks in the entire United States. Colorado is tenth. And that's a travesty.

Gallery Credit: Chris Kelly

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