It's a sports championship rite of passage, no matter if the NFL, MLB, NHL or as we now know for the first time in franchise history: the NBA.

There's a bet on the table that would move the Happiest Place on Earth to Colorado - if Governor Jared Polis gets his way. Likely? No. But read on for the wager.

Historically, the mayors from the two cities represented by professional sports teams squaring off in a championship almost always make a friendly wager of some sort on the outcome. Denver Mayor Michael Hancock has been involved in quite a few of these over the years, from a bet with Seattle's mayor over the outcome of Super Bowl 48 - moving right along - to the more successful outcome of Super Bowl 50, or even recently winning a bet against Tampa mayor Jane Castor on the outcome of the Stanley Cup finals last year, there's a lot of precedent in the Mile High City for making bets that pay off on our sports teams.

So for starters, it's no surprise that Mayor Hancock has accepted a bet proposed by the mayor of the city of Miami - home of the Nuggets' opponent in the NBA finals.

First, we can overlook the cheap shot of saying "welcome to the NBA finals" - yeah, yeah, we know this is our first time and you've been here before, but let's be honest. Our hometown Nuggs have looked pretty darn good this year while the Heat needed 7 games to put away the Celtics and limp into the finals.

As you would expect, Mayor Hancock of Denver took the bet.

Not wanting to be outdone by the mayors, Colorado Governor Jared Polis suggested a bet to Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida. You might have heard of him, and you might have already known that the two governors are not exactly aligned politically, to put it mildly.

While the Miami mayor took a cheap shot at Denver's lack of NBA championship experience, Governor Polis fired a shot across the bow of the DeSantis camp, poking a little fun at his very public battle with Disney in the State of Florida.

For their part, neither Disney nor Florida's governor has responded to our Gov's proposal, which surely isn't meant to be taken seriously. DeSantis, of course, just announced his candidacy for President and Disney, one would assume, is busy printing money in the swamps of Central Florida.

But if the Nuggets do win it all, at the very least, Colorado can expect a batch of croquetas via special air mail delivery relatively soon.

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