In an Instagram post on Monday, April 22, a cafe known for its unique pizzas, bread and killer breakfast sandwiches announced that the day before - Sunday, April 21 - was their last day of service, as they closed the establishment down for good.

To our Funky Denver Community,

Sunday, April 21st was our last day of service.

We will never be able to fully express how grateful we have been for this opportunity to serve all of you. Your support has been nothing short of beautiful. We set out to create more than just a restaurant, but a community. This community has grown and expanded in ways we never thought possible.

They've been around since December of 2020, and located at 4994 Lowell Boulevard in Denver for the last year or so, known as "The Funky Flame." The owners told Westword that they've "hit a fork in the road and are choosing to walk down a different path for a myriad of reasons, both personal and professional."

They opened the place after a successful run as somewhat of a popup joint around the neighborhood, farmers' markets and other events before ultimately moving into the brick and mortar location on Lowell. If you never got a chance to try out some of their fresh fire baked sourdough - or the OG breakfast sandwiches they served on it - unfortunately that opportunity appears to have passed.

The reactions of their fans on social media really kind of tell the story about how beloved an establishment it was - even after such a short time open for business.

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