One of the best parts about living in Colorado is the wildlife that enjoy the state, as well. Their majesty and beauty make many Coloradans feel "at one with nature," here.

Colorado Department of Wildlife along with the Colorado Department of Transportation separately did two things in June of 2024, that help wildlife in Colorado, as well as help us humans.

Taken separately, these things may not land on many Coloradans radars; but they are rather big deals, when it comes to taking care of and respecting wildlife with humans seeing benefit too.

June of 2024 Saw Two Major Changes Regarding Wildlife Management in Colorado

In one change, it means the safety of animals along with humans, and the other it means fewer hunters from out-of-state will be coming into Colorado.

CDOT Installs First Major Wildlife Crossing Along I-70 Mountain Corridor

There aren't many things more scary than when traveling on the interstate at a high-rate of speed and a deer or other large animal enters onto highway. Hundreds of serious accidents, where not only the animal is seriously injured but also the occupants of the vehicle are seriously hurt, have happened over the years.

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Colorado Department of Transportation's project, completed in June of 2024, will help to eliminate 90% of those occurrences between Genesee and Lookout Mountain, with a $10 million wildlife crossing underpass in that area, known as a hotspot for wildlife-vehicle collisions.

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CPW Eliminates Over-the-Counter Archery Elk Tags for Non-Residents

In June of 2024, Colorado Department of Parks & Wildlife voted that, starting with the 2025 hunting season, archery hunters from out-of-state will only be able to purchase tags through a draw (lottery.)

Colorado residents had, for several years, noted that because of Colorado's ease for non-residents to hunt here, that they were crowding out actual Colorado residents.

This new policy may see a large loss of yearly revenue from those out-of-state hunting tags, but they put Coloradans concerns above that.

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