Panera has locations across Colorado, to sop in, grab a bite and relax. Sure, things didn't exactly work out with those "charged" drinks, but those are now gone; and they have a new food menu that has some recommendations.

Panera has always been for that "comfort food," you just need, now and then. They have the bread and pastry items, the coffee, soups.. you know, comfort food.

Their location in Loveland, Colorado, isn't far from Medical Center of the Rockies; I'll bet a lot of folks find there way to that Loveland Panera from there.

I've been a fan of Panera for some time, now; I am one of those that have an "Unlimited Sips" membership, where I can stop in and get some coffee, whenever I want for about $13/month. Stopping in every day on my way to work, that membership pays for itself after one week, every month.

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Panera started in 1987; they've grown at an almost exponential rate since then, with locations everywhere. It was in early 2024, that they announced they'd be entering a "new era at Panera." It really is genius marketing to use "Era," as it's the last three letter of Panera.

The new "era" brought in some new items, and some lower prices. I stopped in, in spring of 2024, and found they had an "Everyday Value" section - less expensive items. I ordered a half sandwich and soup; it was good.

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With the new era, a staffer at Delish, Gabby Romero, was able to check out the new salads and sandwiches that they've brought to the menu; this staffer narrowed down their recommendations to four sandwiches and four salads to try.

7 Recommended Items for Colorado Paneras

Panera introduced a "New Era" which included new items on their menu. Take a look at seven of the items that caught a critic's eye.

Gallery Credit: Dave Jensen

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