After an argument between two men in Commerce City, Colorado, one was arrested for attempted murder and one was thanking his lucky stars that he wore the right "bling."

Nobody likes a story involving gun violence, but when it's a story about a necklace stopping a bullet, your ears perk up. This man has to feel very, very, lucky; will this incident bring major changes to his life?

When is the last time that you recall being in a situation that could have gone terribly wrong, but then turned out to be alright? Not many of us can say we were shot at, but our necklace stopped the bullet.

Colorado Man Lucky to Have Been Wearing the Right Jewelry

Prior to being shot, this man probably told everyone he paid a lot of money for the silver chain necklace he likes to wear. In the end, because it probably was not that expensive, he can brag that his frugalness has him still walking around today.

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In late May of 2024, the Commerce City Police Department was on the scene of a shooting that happened during an argument. Later, the department shared their amazement on how the shooting victim's necklace stopped a .22 caliber bullet, that probably would have ended his life.

Chain necklace involved in shooting
Commerce City Police Department

Maybe the necklace was stainless steel or perhaps white gold, and that's what stopped the bullet; either way, if it had been actual silver this would have ended differently.

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It's definitely sad that the man had gotten into a situation where was shot at, but it's great to see fate step in and say, "let's give him a break, on this one."

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