Just a couple of bear cubs out for a stroll, came upon a home in Steamboat Springs with an appealing screen door. It wasn't long before one of the cubs got the courage up to try and open that door.

While humans should never approach of feed wildlife, they do have every right to wander where they want, as long as they're not hurting anyone. The woman who captured the video of the cute bears "investigating" her front screen door, managed to "shoo" the bears away from the property.


It is the time of year in Colorado where we are being warned about how to keep bears out of our cars, trucks, garbage and.. homes.

Of course, the bears pay no head to what humans would like them to do, they do what they do. They're bears, after all.  Steamboat Springs is a beautiful place to live, not only for humans, but bears too. So, it comes as little surprise that an incident might happen, regarding a couple of cubs.

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The bear cub in charge of the operation does seem set on getting inside and making themselves comfortable; maybe making a sandwich and watching a little TV. The second cub is less of an accomplice than they are an eager onlooker.


The best part of the footage, is when the woman who owns the home gets the perpetrating bears to move off, and the lead bear gives the door a shove, as if it to say,

'Fine! Fine, Linda! We'll go, but we won't be happy about it!"

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