It's rare that a Colorado pizza place can cause such a stir, but folks do love a good mystery. They've been teasing and teasing, yet will not reveal where their second spot will be.

It's great that they've been so successful in the short amount of time that they've been around that they're ready to bring more of their great pies to us, but where is it going to be?

Antonio's New York Pizza
Facebook/Antonio's New York Pizza

In the summer of 2023, the Washington Post named Antonio's New York Pizza in Estes Park, one of the nation's top six pizzerias in Colorado for New York-style 'za. Now, Antonio's is adding a new location.

Where is Antonio's New York Pizza Putting Its Second Location?

That is the $64,000 question, these days. Antonio announced in early February of 2024, that he was searching for a location down in Northern Colorado for a second spot. Having only been open for four years, Antonio's business plan is succeeding.

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Antonio was one of the first restaurants to start using a robot to deliver hot pizzas to the customers:

Why is Antonio Teasing the Public About the New Spot?

It's clear that he has a new location in Northern Colorado, but is keeping it a secret. I reached out to Antonio in February of 2024 to see if he would tell me, he said:

That’s got to be broken by the town. They have first dibs!

So, until then, he's been posting pictures, and videos about the new spot, but holding back the key information: Its location.

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Some will say that that it's Eerie; some will say that it's Longmont.

Fans of Antonio's are going crazy with curiosity:

You’re killing me!!! Holding my breath waiting to find out WHERE!!!!

I’m die’n here waiting 😫

Did you ever tell anybody where this is because if you did I missed it

Antonio's great reply:

..nope. It's going to break the internet when we do. lol.

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