Sometimes during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, the true meaning of Christmas can be lost on some, as we struggle to find the perfect gifts for loved ones or are inundated with obligations of Christmas parties, events, parades, and all of the other things that come with it.

But one 9-year-old girl in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, knows precisely what the season is about, even if she's targeting her affection and desire to give not to other humans but to four-legged fur friends instead.

Milly Kukuczka lost her best friend — a Border Collie mix named Bella — last Christmas. And this Christmas, when her parents asked her what she'd like to include on her wish list for gifts, instead of giving them a detailed list of things for her, she handed them a flyer for something she'd like to do instead.

In honor of her lost best friend, Milly started a Christmas toy drive for shelter dogs that don't have a home to spend their holiday. She's collecting toys and supplies for dogs and cats through Dec. 23 and plans to donate them to various shelters around the area for Christmas.

The family began with friends and their contacts, but the drive has gained so much attention that the donations are starting to roll in. You can check out the items she needs to help make the holidays happen for these pups and kitties on her mother's Facebook page.

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