If you've visited a hardware store in Colorado recently, you may have noticed a shortage of a certain product on the shelves.

During the last month or two, many stores across the state are seeing a surge in WD-40 sales. This is not due to an increase in squeaky door hinges in Colorado. Rather, there's another reason why people are buying extra WD-40 this time of year, and it's actually pretty ingenious.

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During the fall, spraying pumpkins with a layer of WD-40 helps to keep them shiny all spooky season-long. Not only does it grant extra shine, but the coating will help the pumpkin last a bit longer and delay the onset of decay.

Jocelyn Fletcher/Unsplash
Jocelyn Fletcher/Unsplash

You can use this helpful hack to keep your pumpkins looking healthy this Halloween. However, if the local hardware store is out of WD-40, a mixture of diluted water and vinegar will also have the same effect when poured on a pumpkin's surface.

Several other common household items, including rubbing alcohol, hairspray, and floor wax also do the trick to preserve and protect pumpkins from rotting as quickly.

Never spray or pour anything near a candle or open flame inside of a pumpkin.

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