Last night's storms that ripped through Northern Colorado were pretty crazy. The wind, the lightning, thunder, the rain the wind, the hail, especially the hail that fell across our area.

No other area was hit harder than Estes Park as about a foot of hail fell that brought things to a near standstill as snowplows were called into action to remove it.



I thought things were pretty crazy for us here in our neck of the woods but it clearly was nothing compared to what was going on in Estes Park last night.

Check out the snowplow in action, in July--


Crazy right? It looks like a winter storm that just ripped through and dumped a bunch of snow but that's all hail.

  While Estes Park got the brunt of the storm, we got hit pretty hard here in the Windsor area as well and we also got some pretty impressive views of the storms rolling in as well.


While things are expected to not quite be as crazy as last night, we do have more rain and thunderstorms in the forecast for this afternoon and evening as the monsoonal moisture continues to deliver a punch and let's face it, some much needed precipitation.


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