Conversations regarding mental health has changed quite a bit in the past decade in Colorado.

It feels like we are able to discuss mental health more openly and resources have blossomed. It is great that Coloradans are getting the help that they need. I started noticing that having conversations about your mental health really sparked during the pandemic.

Coloradans started taking care of themselves more beyond workout routines and dieting.

Seeking resources to improve your mental health is important. Some states have better resources than others. Many states in the United States have better resources for mental health than Colorado, unfortunately.

Mental Health Reality in Colorado


One in four adults struggle with mental health disorders. 9.5% of Americans have depressive illnesses such as bipolar disorder, major depression, and others.

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More Coloradans are exploring their mental health and trying to improve their lives.

Colorado Mental Health Care

A new ranking by Leafwell analyzed data directly from Mental Health America to find out which states need to improve their mental health care resources the most. Specifically, they looked at mental health support such as therapy, medication, support groups, and organizations to reach out to.

Colorado ranked as the 10th worst state for mental health care. Our neighbor Wyoming was ranked as the fifth worst state for mental health care.

Colorado's mental health score was 66.63 out of 100.

If You Are Struggling in Colorado

If you are having a hard time with your mental health there are resources available. First, check with your insurance company to see what is available to you.

I would also recommend checking out Better Help for guidance.

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