If you have been wondering who Lewis is, you are not alone.

Lewis is the most popular Halloween decoration of 2023, thanks to TikTok. Lewis is not very scary. However, Lewis is famous for having a famous catchphrase.

I am not a jack o' lantern. My name is Lewis.

And then Lewis laughs manically. That is it. That is the entire decoration.

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Is Lewis Scary?

Lewis, who is exclusively sold at Target, has gone viral on TikTok because of how silly it is. Lewis is an 8-foot-tall jack o' lantern with a beat-up robe. Lewis is not intimidating. Lewis is hilarious.

I Went On A Mission to Find Lewis

Because of Lewis' newfound fame, he is hard to find. I have called Colorado Target locations in Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, and Denver. Every time I reach a customer service representative, they tell me that they have received many calls about Lewis, the jack-o'-lantern who refuses to accept his identity.

I am not giving up, though. This year, I moved into a house with a yard for the first time. I have lived in apartments my entire life, so I have never had the opportunity to decorate a yard. I have put off purchasing any Halloween decorations. I only want Lewis.

This Couple Drove Over an Hour to Get Lewis

How Much Is Lewis, And Where You Might Be Able to Find Him in Colorado

Lewis is completely sold out across the entire nation. You can't even buy Lewis on the Target website. If you are as desperate as I am to have Lewis in your life, keep checking the Target website in hopes you can find him.

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