Northern Coloradans either love or hate karaoke. In my experience, I have found that people are either superfans of karaoke nights or the idea of it simply makes their skin crawl.

Personally, I enjoy being a spectator. I think it is fun to sit in the back and cheer your friends on. That was until recently when a group of my friends begged me to do it.

So I went ahead and filled out my sheet and turned it in. They were all shocked and giddy when I performed Shania Twain's "Man! I Feel Like a Woman".

Was it a good performance? Well, I guess it depends on who you would ask. Am I a good singer? Absolutely not.

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Did I have fun and be silly? Absolutely. That is what karaoke is all about. Liquid courage, knowing you will suck, but still having fun with it.

Karaoke Across Northern Colorado

I did not perform karaoke in Greeley, Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor, or elsewhere in Colorado. That is probably why I was more comfortable. I knew that I was not going to run into anybody I knew so I acted as ridiculous as possible. As one does when they are on vacation.

I found out that my friends were very passionate about their karaoke nights. It is a new world that I was not aware of.

I imagine a lot of Northern Coloradans carry a similar passion for it. We scoured Yelp, Google Reviews, Facebook, and Reddit and came up with the most popular Karaoke spots that Northern Colorado has to offer.

7 Great Northern Colorado Karaoke Spots

Looking to sing along to your favorite songs? You should go to these places.

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