Right now is the perfect time to buy a Halloween costume, rather than anxiously awaiting a package to arrive on time or scrambling to find the perfect costume at a store at the last minute.

Why You Should Buy A Halloween Costume Right Now

According to the National Retail Foundation, people start shopping for Halloween as early as the beginning of September. You will want to beat the last-minute purchasing at the end of the month. Right now is the sweet spot to find the perfect Halloween costume for you or your little one at home.

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Most Popular Halloween Costumes in 2023 Ranked

The folks over at Casino Rocket took a look at search history to see what Halloween costumes will be the most in-demand this Halloween.

They combed through a ton of data and revealed what costumes people are dying for. Here are those results.

#5 - Pirate

48,000 people are searching for a pirate costume this Halloween. Pirate costumes are a staple. I remember when the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise was releasing movies. You would see a bunch of kids acting like a drunk Jack Sparrow.

You can easily DIY this project.

You might want to start practicing saying YARG now.

#4 - Grinch Costume

Is it too early for Christmas? Apparently not. Just as many people searched for Grinch costumes as they searched for pirate costumes, this could also be a fun family or group costume.

You can have a child dressed as Cindy Lou Who, an adult as Martha May Whovier, and even your puppy dog could be Max.

#3 - Velma Costume

Yes, a Scooby Doo character is the third most popular Halloween costume. You might be wondering why. Velma, a television show, came out on MAX.

Although the show received horrible reviews, many children adored it. The show first premiered in January of this year.

#2 - Wednesday Addams

Another classic. Like the Velma costume, Wednesday Addams is another character that returned to the spotlight after a television show was circled around the character.

Unlike Velma, the first season of Wednesday on Netflix was wildly popular for all ages. Personally, I loved the show.

The show was first released in November of last year. Kids have been chomping at the bit to dress like their favorite Addams family member.

By the way, season two of Wednesday will begin filming sometime next year.

#1 - Squid Game Costume

Squid Game, a Netflix series, is still dominating Halloween. The Korean-based show is extremely popular because of the fun masks and the ease when it comes to the costume itself.

There are typically two options.

A tracksuit that the players wear, and the red jumpsuit and fun masks that guards will wear.

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