Hairy spiders, slithering snakes, and brown bats may be some of the creepiest creatures to come in contact with on land in Colorado, but many other animals are lurking below the surface that can be just as scary.

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Whether these creatures have slimy bodies, sharp teeth, or other eerie physical features, quite a few of Colorado's aquatic species are anything but adorable.

These Creepy Water Creatures are Found in Colorado

Colorado's Biggest Fish Lurking Beneath the Water's Surface

Colorado's rivers, lakes, and reservoirs are home to around 50 native species of fish. In total, there are around 101 species of fish found here. Scroll through the photos below to see which fish grow to be the largest ones found in the Rocky Mountains.

10 of the Weirdest Insects You'll See in Colorado

What's the weirdest bug you have ever seen in Colorado? Did it stink? Did it bite? We're checking out ten of Colorado's weirdest insects that you may encounter outside this summer. Keep going to see the weirdest insects that call Colorado home.

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