Christmas and the holidays should be an exciting time for friends and family to get together. I feel like I hear more negative things about the holidays in Colorado than the positive.

Are we a bunch of Grinchs in Colorado? It certainly looks that way.

Colorado One of the 'Grinchiest' States in Nation


Innerbody looked at each state in the nation and ranked the states from most to least festive. Colorado is the 39th most festive state in the country.

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That also means that the Centennial State would rank as the 11th state that dislikes Christmas and the holidays the most.

In case you were wondering, West Virginia is the most festive. Surprisingly, New York is the least festive state in the country.

Innerbody collected their data by analyzing Google Trends and search histories for all residents in every state.

I find this to be surprising. When I drive around Fort Collins, Windsor, Greeley, Loveland and Northern Colorado, I see a bunch of amazing Christmas and holiday light decorations. Can this be true?

Why Coloradans Dislike the Holidays


I get it, the stress of the holidays can be a lot. I am currently stressed out figuring out travel plans and gifts for all of my loved ones.

Does the stress outweigh the enjoyment of Christmas? It most definitely depends on your situation, but this ranking shows that might be the case for a lot of families in Colorado.

We wanted to know Christmas pet peeves for Coloradans, or at least what Coloradans dislike the most about the holidays.

We let you vent on our Facebook page and here are the top things that Coloradans do not like about the Christmas and holiday season.

Top 5 Christmas Pet Peeves For Coloradans

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