Since Buc-ee's opened its doors in Colorado there has been a lot of buzz and excitement about the largest gas station and convenience store in the state.

Sure, the new Buc-ee's in Johnstown has over 100 gas pumps. But their uniquely branded food, snacks, and merchandise are the main reason why there is a ton of traffic on the west side of I-25.

I have been to the new Buc-ee' six times. I guess you could call me a Buc-ee's superfan. The main reason why I have gone back so many times is because I want to try all of their unique snacks.

There are many great options. However, one snack stands out from the rest. I would consider it the king snack of Colorado.

Best Colorado Snack: What Is Yours?


What is your favorite snack from Buc-ee's? Make sure to send us a message and let us know.

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There is no shortage of great snacks at Buc-ees. The Gummi worms, sours, and gummi worms are favorites for many. But nothing compares to the original Beaver Nuggets.

Beaver Nuggets are the perfect combination of sweet and salty. Plus it is crunchy, which I am a huge fan of. There is a caramel flavor on the corn puff and it is extremely addictive.

I think it would be against the law to just have one.

My Household Is Addicted

Tanner Chambers/TSM
Tanner Chambers/TSM

I am not typically a person that loves snacks. But I am addicted to Beaver Nuggets. My girlfriend left a bag open and I immediately went to Johnstown the next day to pick some up.

Will I stop? My waistline hopes so.

Will I stop? Probably not.

Check out some of the other best snacks below.

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