An attack on a human by a black bear has been reported in Northern Colorado. The incident involving the victim and the black bear occurred on the morning of Tuesday, May 21 in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, the victim notified Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials that a bear swiped them from behind on their morning walk on a path that connects Walton Creek Road and Mount Werner Circle near the ski area. The victim noticed a yearling cub while on the path and moments later was knocked down by what appeared to be the mother bear.


Wildlife officials in the Steamboat area posted signage notifying people in the area to use increased caution due to bear activity. Straps were also placed in the area of the incident, but Colorado Parks and Wildlife reports that no bears have been captured in the area as of Wednesday morning.

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The victim sustained minor injuries that included scrapes on their arms due to the fall when they were knocked to the ground. The investigation into the black bear attack in Steamboat Springs is currently under investigation by Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials.

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Colorado Parks and Wildlife reminds you to be alert, keep your dogs on a leash, and know what to do in the event of a bear encounter is the most important thing for your safety in the mountains of Colorado. If you cross paths with a bear, remember not to run. Stay calm, be still, and back away slowly until the bear is out of sight. If you spot bear cubs, chances are that the mother is close by and you should leave the area immediately to give the bears space.

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