Deciding whether your child is too old to trick-or-treat is a constant debate within households across Colorado.

Should there be an age limit? Or should parents leave that decision up to their kids?

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Personally, I believe that parents should never put an age restriction on trick-or-treating for their kids. There will likely be a Halloween where your kid says they are done. I did not have that decision in my household growing up. 12 was the cut-off. Am I upset about that? Not really, but for some kids, that could have been a really bad experience.

Colorado Better for Trick-or-Treating More Than Most States


Not only is Halloween more spooky in Colorado, but it happens to be one of the biggest hotspots for trick-or-treaters. looked at crime rates and the overall enthusiasm for trick-or-treating in each state.

Colorado is the 6th state that is most obsessed with trick-or-treating. This means that you are more likely than not to get some knocks on your door during Halloween, so make sure you stock up on good candy.

Should There Be A Cut-Off?


Sheryl Ziegler, a family therapist in Denver, spoke to TODAY about whether or not there should be a specific age when kids should stop trick-or-treating. Ziegler said that behavior should be the main factor rather than age.

Kids mature at different rates than others. There is not a straightforward answer here.

Slate conducted a poll, and according to their results, 40% of Americans believe that 12 is the cutoff age. They even went as far as saying that trick-or-treating at 13 is not normal.

We Want to Know Your Thoughts

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