Sorry, but 2024 isn't going to be your year when it comes to avoiding the deadliest animal in the world.

A mild winter has several experts warning for the expected conditions in the coming months.

What Are The World's Most Deadliest Animals?

According to numbers reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, mosquitos have proven to be the deadliest among all animals in the world. Much of that is due to mosquito-borne illnesses.

The CDC says an average of 2,400 people die every year in the U.S. just from the West Nile virus. That total, however, is dwarfed by the numbers reported for deaths caused by malaria, which are often well-over 600.000 worldwide.

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A study from the BBC showed that mosquitos are responsible for 725,000 human deaths each year. The next closest is humans at 400,000 and snakes at 138,000.

Unfortunately, there is a chance the total for mosquito-related deaths could skyrocket this year.

How Bad Mosquitos Will Be In 2024

Several areas of the U.S. this year have experienced mild conditions winter weather conditions compared to previous years. Places like Minnesota and Michigan haven't had their typical battles with brutal weather conditions over the past few months.

Minneapolis-based TV station KARE recently spoke with an expert from the city's Metropolitan Mosquito Control District. Who said the mild winter conditions could lead to more mosquitos living into the Spring, meaning an early arrival for bug season.

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You should expect to deal with mosquitos a lot earlier in 2024 than you have in previous years. Where it goes from there is a bit of a mystery. Some of it depends on rain and how mosquitos have evolved in recent years.'s recent breakdown of a climate change study showed mosquitos have become "more unpredictable," much like the weather in many areas of the U.S.

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But the mosquitos are starting to adapt to the changing seasonal conditions.

"The temperature adaptations also came with other biological changes like how long mosquitos live and how far they can travel," the report said.

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