A chemical that very likely could be sitting in your garage right now was banned this week due to potentially serious health risks.

Chemical Recently Banned In U.S.

The Environmental Protection Agency has been working in recent years to get a permanent ban on a chemical that has been known to cause several types of cancer along with liver harm and, in some cases, death.

The agency says that at least 88 people have died from acute exposure to the chemical methylene chloride since 1980. Up until this week, use of the chemical in both workplaces and in homes has been completely legal.

The EPA was able to finalize a ban on the dangerous chemical on Monday.

What Products Contain Methylene Chloride?

The chemical name likely isn't familiar to most people, but that doesn't mean it isn't somewhat common.

In a commercial setting, methylene chloride is often found in things like sealants and adhesives. The EPA says it's also commonly used to help produce "more climate-friendly refrigerant chemicals."

Distribution and transport of dangerous and hazardous chemicals.
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In your home or garage, you're likely to find methylene chloride in things like aerosol degreasing sprays and paint brush cleaners.

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Not all degreasers and brush cleaners, however, contain the harmful chemical. Some stores had started carrying alternative products without methylene chloride well ahead of the ban. Home Depot, for example, announced it would offer alternative options in 2018.

Disposal of products containing methylene chloride should be done at an EPA-approved hazardous waste disposal facility. The EPA provides an online database of approved facilities across the U.S.

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