Some sad news to share this weekend.

Bob Barker, the longtime host of the Price Is Right, has died at the age of 99.

TMZ reports that Barker died peacefully at his home in L.A. and the cause of death was natural causes.

Bob Barker was a television icon and he quit hosting the "Price Is Right" show in 2007.

Bob Barker Tapes His Final Episode Of "The Price Is Right"
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In addition to hosting game shows, Bob Barker appeared in many movies, one being "Happy Gilmore".

Bob Barker and his late wife never had children, but he did have extended family close to where he lived.

This T.V. icon will be missed, but we will never forget the smile that so many of us grew up watching.

If you'd like a look back on the many intros of Bob Barker on the stage of the "Price Is Right" check out this video. This certainly brought me back to my early childhood years.

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