The National Park Service often shares a lot of informative content on camping, scenery and wildlife, but they are also known to post comical (yet still informative) things too.

The official National Park Service Instagram paged shared the photo, which was taken at Wyoming's own Yellowstone National Park, of a bison ironically standing next to a sign that says: DANGER... DO NOT APPROACH WILDLIFE. The IG post included a hilarious caption that parodied the famous Carly Simon song, You're So Vain. The post said:

You’re so vain. You probably think this sign is about you.

Don’t you don’t you? Well, it looks familiar. You walked into the valley like you were walking into, well, the valley. Signs are perhaps the most frequently used means of communicating with park visitors. Especially for those not following us on here. Signs have a variety of functions. They welcome, direct, warn, inform, make great photo ops, and more. Despite their presence, they are also sometimes overlooked or even (gasp) ignored. True story. Give signs a chance. They won’t lead you astray and might offer some handy information while visiting a park. They can also put those vain bison in their place. We said it.

Image: A bison stands near a warning sign with the outline of a bison @yellowstonenps

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Since being frank doesn't seem to work with the tourists (well, we call them tourons), maybe adding some comedy into the mix will help to get the point across.

In case it wasn't clear, the message is: leave the wildlife alone in our national parks.

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