Yellowstone authorities are looking for the man on video harassing bears in Yellowstone.

I'm not sure what goes through the minds of people that harass animals, but there are some real winners.

Remember last year when the woman from Illinois that didn't retreat when a grizzly approached, was tracked down thanks to social media? Looks like social media is needed again.

When I see people no respect the animals, structures, history or property, I get irritated. When I see them stop their vehicle, get out and harass an animal, like a bear, I get mad.

We're into June and Yellowstone has only been open for a few weeks, but the tourons have been out in full force.

We've all seen videos of people not using good judgement and thinking the animal, whether a bear, bison, elk, moose or other big game species, but it's not too often that we see videos of repeat offenders.

That is until now, of course, and it's not funny.

The videos I'm talking about may infuriate you and if you have blood pressure issues, watch at your own risk.

In video #1, a black bear is standing just outside of the woods, when Mr. Touron comes running from the left side of the video to harass the bear.
In a video from a day later, another black bear is minding it's own business, when Mr. Touron stops his vehicle and chases after the bear. Before he got out of the car, the camera man encourages him to leave the door open, they knew it wasn't safe. After running toward the bear and when it runs into the trees, the guy removes his shirt and growls at the camera.

On each post there are hundreds of comments. Some wishing the bear's would've come back and other hoping he's ID'd and charged accordingly.

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