When you're exploring Wyoming and end up in Yellowstone, seeing wildlife is one of the main goals of many visitors. With millions of people visiting the nation's first national park, the amount of pictures and videos found on social media and websites is extremely large.

Some of those videos can be quite gruesome and hard to watch for some people. The death of a young animal can really pull at the heartstrings and maybe even bring a tear to the eyes of many.

You've hear the saying 'it's a dog eat dog world', right?

Well in this video captured by Yellowstone Video on YouTube, you can see that on this particular day it was actually a 'dog eat bison world'.

The video shows that a lone Yellowstone wolf has found breakfast. After quite a bit of discussion, you can hear the conversation in the background determine that breakfast the wolf is carrying, happens to be the lower portion of a young bison.

It's not known how or where the wolf got that cherished meal, but you can bet that it was enjoyed.

The Yellowstone Video YouTube channel has been putting videos of wildlife up for quite a few years. They've been able to catch and document some incredible moments in time. Not only do they have a YouTube channel, but a Facebook, and even a site to order your own Yellowstone Video merchandise.

Not being able to be in the park regularly, your chances to see some of these amazing moments are to rely on those that are there often and share the experience with you.

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