One of the 'bucket list' items for people to see at Grand Teton or Yellowstone National Parks is a bear.

Could be a black bear or grizzly bear, doesn't matter to most, they just want a bear encounter.


To get good pictures so they can show everyone back home, of course.

What some people don't understand, and the stories are the same every year, is that bears are wild. Bears will attack you if they feel threatened, and don't even think about coming between a mama and her cubs.

Luckily for one group in Grand Teton National Park, their story will include a bear encounter that doesn't involve a bear attack during their visit, but sure could've.

Sure, when you're out hiking and minding your own business, it's not your fault that a bear happens to be on the same trail you're on.

It's not your fault that mama bear has two cubs with her.

It IS your fault, that when you see the bear, you don't move the proper distance from the bear you should and give her room.

On the particular day featured in the Instagram video below, a large mama black bear and two cubs approach a group walking a trail in GTNP. Instead of retreating and moving far away from the bear & cubs, the group decided to stand their ground. Some moving closer, to get the best quality photo/video possible.

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This group lucked out that mama bear wasn't having a bad day and wasn't looking for a fight. She and the cubs hung around and put on a little show for the group and all was good.

Bearwise Wyoming is a section of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department's website dedicated to guide you in all things bears.

  • Safety
  • Protocol
  • Protection
  • Bear Identification
  • Bear Behavior

It's recommended that you study this page before heading out on your bear country journey.

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