I didn't believe it until my wife brought me this photo from King Soopers near College & Drake.  Not only are Halloween decorations on display, but they're overtaking the entire store front!!  And we've noticed that (of course) this seems to be true at every King Soopers!

Just a reminder:  Halloween is just shy of 3 MONTHS from now.  While I can appreciate Coloradoans who look forward to Fall and Winter like I do, how horrible of a summer are you having to move RIGHT INTO Halloween just a few weeks after 4th of July?!

Oh - What??  Fourth of July was in February at your house?  Okay, I give up.

What bothers me isn't just the blunt commercialism of otherwise enjoyable holidays, but the fact that, apparently, people are actually buying into it!!

Quick tip:  The best time to buy Halloween decorations is in the couple weeks after Halloween, when the stores are desperate to clear out all the leftover loot.  Then, of course, you pretty much have to wait a year to enjoy what you bought, but... It's just stuff you don't need anyway, then it's a fun surprise when you go to dig out your decorations before the holiday.  I know, because it happens at my house every year.

By the way - If you buy a Christmas tree in September... What does that sucker look like by Christmas?  Or, are you on your 2nd or 3rd tree by then?  Never mind - I really don't want to know.


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