We'll be happier when we're not living in a pandemic inferno. This year has been an 'uncertain time' for everyone across the globe, but we're not necessarily surprised Colorado didn't land in the top 20 on WalletHub's ranking of 2020's Happiest States, as CBS4 Denver shared. 

Between COVID restrictions, political unrest, rampant wildfires and weird snowstorms being our 'new normal,' paired with excessive smoke, falling ash, masks and wondering if we have the respiratory virus like, every day, it's not all sunshine and rainbows here in the Mile High.

WalletHub's study places Colorado at number 23, pretty much in the middle (so it could be worse). Hawaii once again landed the top spot, while West Virginia was named the 'least happy state.'

Colorado Rockies v San Francisco Giants
Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Colorado did top some categories, like best sleep rate, highest sports participation, and surprisingly, highest income growth. You can see the full report from WalletHub here.

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