Estes Park, Colorado, is one of the most absolutely breathtaking places to visit in Colorado. The New York Times agrees and says you need to go in 2022.

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New York Times Says Visit Estes Park, Colorado, In 2022

If you've lived in Colorado long, or maybe not long at all, there's a really good chance you've taken the journey up to beautiful Estes Park, Colorado. From i25 and Hwy 66, it's less than an hour's drive and it's absolutely gorgeous.

Regardless of the time of year, Estes Park has so much to offer. The best free thing it offers though is its views. When you want a real feel for the Colorado mountains, with the perfect visuals and environment, you go to Estes Park, Colorado. The New York Times agrees and included it in its 52 places to travel for a changed world list. Not only did our favorite Northern Colorado mountain town make the list, but it's also number 32. Considering the company on this Top 52 list, like Kyoto, Japan, or Serra da Captivara National Park in Brazil, making this list was no easy task.

My Aunt Beth, from Boston, was in town right before the craziness of 2020 began. The only place she insisted on seeing while in Colorado, was Estes Park. I bet she left with 10 lbs of that delicious, fresh, Estes Park Taffy too. My wife's family from New Jersey was here in May, they also got to experience the beauty that is Estes Park, Colorado. It's always been a destination place to visit or stay while in our great state. In fact, it made our places to take your out-of-town guests list as well.

From the famous Stanley Hotel to the fresh taffy and shopping, Or even the views of the mountains or stars at night, make sure Estes Park is on your list of things to do in '22.

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