Colorado has more amazing Mexican restaurants than maybe any other state I've ever visited. One local Mexican joint, in particular, has been named the best in the whole state. Do you agree?

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Best Mexican Restaurant In Colorado?

If I was asked to tell you what my favorite type of food is, I'd without hesitation say Mexican food. Not just because I can't really have much of it right now, but because it's just delicious! I've lived in Colorado my entire life so I've gotten to experience some pretty bomb Mexican food over the years. From big chain Mexican joints to the local hole-in-the-wall hidden gems, we've got Mexican food options for days around our great state. One particular local Mexican restaurant was recently named the best Mexican restaurant in all of Colorado, but I've never heard of it, have you?

Is El Taco De Mexico In Denver Colorado's Best Mexican Restaurant?

The folks at Taste Of Home did their homework and came up with a list of the very best Mexican restaurants in each state. After looking at all we have to offer in Colorado, they deemed that El Taco de Mexico, in Denver, is the very best place to go for Mexican food in the whole state. Seems that their "legendary" green chile gave them the edge and put them right at the top of the list. Having never heard of El Taco de Mexico before, I had to see what they were cooking up for myself and found some pictures of some of the awesome dishes that they offer.

Nothing flashy about this classic Mexican hamburger dish, but it looks delicious!

That smothered burrito and tacos look so good.

I love authentic Mexican food much... They seem to know their stuff here.

That's a big ole burrito!

This combo plate is another simple, yet tasty-looking dish!

After reading reviews and looking into El Taco de Mexico, I can see why they got Taste of Homes' vote for the best Mexican restaurant in the state, but until I try it for myself, we'll just call it a must-try. It sure looks good though!

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