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People seem to be scrambling in their parents closest to get their old vinyls and record players these days, just as they would have done back in the 70's when that was the hit thing to do.

Bizarre Bazaar said many things about the question of the 70's coming back, "Many young people are discovering classic rock bands such as Led Zeppelin, The Doors, The Beatles, Allman Brothers, etc."

The older music could also be what they grew up listening to if their parents were kids of the 70's. Many records stores in Northern Colorado do agree that there stores sales have been increasing by a great amount over the past couple of years. I'm sure a lot of people would agree that vinyls have definitely become more popular in the last couple of years in Colorado, just by what they've seen.

Bizarre Bazzar also says, "Nowadays music taste crosses generations."

Most likely bringing their parents music back and listening to the inspirations of today's artists!