It can be hard to get excited about things while we're all stuck at home, but there's one thing we can all enjoy while still staying six feet apart: beer. 

Odell Brewing has spent the last few weeks of quarantine giving back to the community, like when they offered free beer to healthcare workers. Now, they're giving us all a treat: two new releases for our Zoom happy hour enjoyment.

Their latest seasonal release is perfect for sitting out on the driveway and shouting to your neighbor about how much you love and miss them. Odell's summery new seasonal, the Peach Stand Rambler, is a blonde ale brewed with Palisade peaches: What could be better for the over-70 weather forecasted for this week?

A few days before, Odell also announced a new twist on their already-popular Tree Shaker Imperial IPA: The Tree Shaker Imperial Mango IPA, which now features fresh mango puree and has notes of tangerine and grapefruit.

You can learn more about the new releases on Odell's website right here.

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